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Confident Handling Of Commercial And Governmental Real Estate Disputes

Issues involving property, real estate, and disputes often require the insight and guidance of a lawyer who has not only handled these issues before but is thoroughly fluent in the laws that govern these types of cases. When you need representation, turn to the office of Luis A. Galindo 

For more than 30 years, attorney Luis A. Galindo has handled complex real estate matters for commercial entities and other businesses. From his office in Fort Worth, Attorney Galindo works with clients throughout the surrounding areas to the furthest reaches of West Texas.

He focuses on helping clients find resolutions to their real estate matters that are in their best interests. Real estate cases can be complex, including language in documents that is incredibly legally dense. Using his extensive knowledge of the law, Attorney Galindo breaks down the language and helps you understand your rights and options.

Real Estate Litigation

Disputes in real estate matters often progress to full litigation in court or through arbitration. Attorney Galindo is an aggressive advocate in both of these processes, zealously articulating your case and providing the evidence needed to support your claims. Whether you are facing a breach of a real estate contract, construction defects, lease issues, or other commercial-related disputes, he is here to help.

Governmental Law And Real Estate Matters

Dealing with municipalities and other governmental entities can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Attorney Galindo is highly experienced in a wide range of government-related real estate disputes, including inverse condemnation and taking, eminent domain, and other matters related to governmental claims.

Discuss Your Questions And Concerns

Attorney Galindo is here to provide you with the answers and information you need in your commercial real estate matters. To schedule a consultation at the office of Luis A. Galindo, Attorney at Law, call 817-335-5722 or contact his office online.